May 2021 Update

The first half of 2020 has been very hard for everyone. The effects of the ongoing pandemic and the resulting down turn in the economy are hurting everyone. Our home has not been spared. Not only are we not receiving as much sponsorship as usual but we are seeing a large number of families suffering in our area. 

The home has welcomed TWELVE new members to our family. All with heartbreaking stories to tell. They are now safe and protected in our arms.

This has however, put additional strain on our limited resources. We are appealing for additional donations of the following items: 

  • First Aid box supplies
  • Panado syrup
  • Cough syrup
  • Nail clippers
  • Pap donations
  • Bread donations
  • Any extra food
Sunday, 18 July is Madela Day, where we celebrate the birth of Nelson Mandela. Please consider spending you 67 Minutes with us. 
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