Ubuhle Bezwe aims for the stars as the saying goes ” aim for the stars , if you miss a star at least you land on the moon”, we have great plans and innovative ideas that we desire to implement to make this orphanage a real safe home for the kids. The execution of these plans is mainly dependent on the resources that are available.
The Home is highly dependent on donor funding, on sponsorships of corporates and very few individuals that go the extra mile to lend a hand to assist us. Most of this funding is used for the day-to-day running of the Home.

Examples of Expenses>>

  1. Bicycles for the kids to School. Toilets
  2. Laptops for the management and Printer. Ceiling
  3. Computer Room
  4. Kitchen Cupboards
  5. Industrial Stove
  6. Speed Queen Washing Machine
  7. Cementing, Painting, Paving.
  8. Security doors and Gate.
  9. Long base bakkie
  10. Food and toiletries
  11. Clothing
  12. Travel expenses (to school for the kids mainly)
  13. School expenses & Uniform
  14. Electricity and water
  15. Educational programs and training
Besides this we need money for investments like >>

• Building a new Home
• A car and/or a minibus preferably
• Kitchen equipment and cutlery
• Bedding and Furniture
• Musical instruments
• Toys
• Books

Ubuhle Bezwe needs to create a positive cash flow: to ensure that expenses are less than or in line with income and to have a balance of things while running.