• Provide emotional and social support
  • Provide education and support
  • Increase the knowledge of the stuff to become more multi-skilled
  • To conduct spiritual upliftment.
  • Care, support and love to children
  • Reason that there is poverty, HIV/AIDS ignorance, increase in sex trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, unemployment rate is high, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and orphans.

Importance of the Organization

  • To reduce discrimination against HIV/AIDS sufferers
  • To restore the dignity of the youth and children
  • To create and nurture an environment for growth
  • To create a safe and healthy environment for children
  • Deal with perception and attitudes of the people living HIV/AIDS or children orphaned by HIV/AIDS

Benefits of the Organization

  • Knowledge and skills
  • Provide job creation
  • The centre acts as a referral structure
  • To identify and expose talented artists (children)
  • People will be trained as lay counselors to change attitude and behavior of the children
  • Improve communication system within the families
  • Build self awareness, self control, self reliance and confidence.

Target Group

  • Children
  • Youth

The project will be successful provided we are assisted with funding, a large home with a large yard.

The project will provide education that will change the children’s behavior.

The increased numbers of abused and orphaned children who need the home have made improvements and growth difficult as we don’t have enough space.

The project will raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, increase understanding and involvement in the community for people who are discriminated for this reason.

Long term goal for Ubuhle Bezwe includes two centers

  • 0-13 years olds
  • 14-17 year olds

We desire to have after school studies whereby children from different schools and the ones living in the center will be assisted with Mathematics, Science and English.

In spite of the successes achieved so far, the centre is still battling with space to provide a more decent shelter for the children. The growing demand for food, clothing and transport to school all added to inadequate governmental support and assistance has made matters all the more difficult.

Short term goal for Ubuhle Bezwe

The centre is still battling with space to provide a more decent shelter for the children and we are leasing our current home. Our greatest desire is to have our own facilities, our own place that we can call home and where the children can be free.

One of our other challenges we face daily is transport, as our children have to walk long distances to get to school as it is unhealthy for children to be moved around from school to school and there are certain procedures to follow in regard to that aspect.

Ubuhle Bezwe Child Centre sincerely appreciates your assistance in achieving the aforementioned goals and for helping our children to attain their life goals and aspirations.

Should you wish to make any donations in cash, please use the following details?

BANKER                                              First National Bank

ACCOUNT NAME                               UBUHLE BEZWE Remedial School

ACCOUNT TYPE                                  Cheque

ACCOUNT NUMBER                           62446162612

BRANCH NAME                                  Tembisa Plaza

We render the following support:

  • counseling temporal shelter, love and care, clothing, referrals as well as education. We also run educational curriculums.
  • Also providing services of caring and temporal accommodation to lost children and domestic violent victims or those abused by crimes as rapes such as woman and youth.
  • Work with distorted and runaways children.


  • Bringing children up
  • Taking children to school education opportunities.
  • Youth and abused victims referrals
  • Educating and empowering women and community
  • Assisting and encouraging youth to advanced skills programs.
  • Music, painting, drama, poetry and dancing
  • Offering basic counseling from infected and affected families
  • Conducting workshops on drug abuse and child abuse
  • Promote door to door campaign
  • Parenting and childhood skills
  • Promote character building and value system



The budget breakdown is as follows: Ubuhle Bezwe Centre

2011/2012 ( this is how we would like to see the centre running in future )

Corporate Governance Cost of organization governing body travel expenses 4 meetings p.a. x6

Board member

@R50.00 per person

Program Management and Administration Program Manager Social Auxiliary Worker


Orphan Care Coordinator

Care givers



R5000.00       x12

R5832.00       x12

R3500.00       x12

R1500.00       x12

R1000.00       x12

R1000.00       x12

R16000.00     x12

R192 000.00
Psychosocial Support Services Counseling (art therapy and play therapy) R2500.00       x12 R30 000.00
Administration and Finance Rental

Water, Electricity, Sanitation

Accounting, Bookkeeper


Audit fees

Stationery & Consumables

Phone, Fax and e-mail

Transport costs

Cleaning Material

Staff Development

R2000.00       x12

R3000.00       x12

R500.00         x12

R250.00         x12

R190.00         x12

R700.00         x12

R2500.00       x12

R500.00         x12

R560.00         x12

TOTAL R637 584.00


Barbra Mthimkhulu

Contact Number: 011 926 9344

Cell Number: 072 578 6431/082 057 0960