Home Renovations 2020

Our Home got a Facelift!
Thank you EasyGas!

It has been a very long journey from where we started and we are today, indeed our job and mission is a never ending one for as long as poverty, neglect and child abuse still exist.

Our biggest highlight in 2020 was the renovation that took place to our home! These renovations by ibebet have made our little space look and feel like a warm beautiful family household; that welcomes you with open arms. 

A lot of time and resources went into the home upgrade which were made more complex being done during a global pandemic. Check 99Tradesman site.

These are the projects that Easigas undertook:

  • removed old, leaking corrugated iron roof sheets
  • increased the pitch of the roof by increasing the height of the walls
  • installed new roof trusses, new tin roofing.
  • replaced/ repaired electrics to these rooms
  • installed ceiling boards throughout the home.
  • donated brand new bunk beds for both the girls and boys rooms.
  •  built and installed cupboards and shelving.
  • painted the interior and exterior of the home.

Easigas has been a leading supplier & distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas to the Southern African market for over 30 years. Easigas’ vision is to be the leader in the LPG business by moving to attractive market offers, by adjusting to the customer demand and by being profitable in the countries where we choose to operate

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