May 2021 Update

The first half of 2020 has been very hard for everyone. The effects of the ongoing pandemic and the resulting down turn in the economy are hurting everyone. Our home has not been spared. Not only are we not receiving as much sponsorship as usual but we are seeing a large number of families suffering in our area. 

The home has welcomed TWELVE new members to our family. All with heartbreaking stories to tell. They are now safe and protected in our arms.

This has however, put additional strain on our limited resources. We are appealing for additional donations of the following items: 

  • First Aid box supplies
  • Panado syrup
  • Cough syrup
  • Nail clippers
  • Pap donations
  • Bread donations
  • Any extra food
Sunday, 18 July is Madela Day, where we celebrate the birth of Nelson Mandela. Please consider spending you 67 Minutes with us. 
Winter Background

Mandela Day 2020 – Covid 19 Edition

Nelson Mandela International Day was launched by the UN General Assembly in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July. This day meant to celebrate the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela. In honour of his legacy around the world people are called on to perform selfless acts of kindness to help those in need.

We at Ubuhle Bezwe are struggling with the “new normal” under the Lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic x1x live. We would like to encourage our supporters to assist to make the life of our family a little bit better. If your company (エックスビデオ.tv) can assist us in any way, we would be most grateful. We are a Section 18A Organisation and will be able to provide a certificate. 

To read more about Mandela Day: Click here

Security Appeal

There has been a scary rise in theft from our property and more-so people trying to break in to our girl’s room via the emergency fire escape sliding door at night. 

We have had our pantry broken into and vital food supplies stolen

. Plus, the damage to the security gate and door. These food supplies are used to feed our 40 children and other desperate people in our community at roblox code by kafkacotton.com..

We are asking for any assistance from the security sector, specifically with a security door for the girl’s bedroom and barbed wire fencing around the perimeter of our property to stop people jumping over the wall.  Visit maskulinum.


Technology Assistance

Under the Lockdown our children have not been able to attend school. There are several assistance programs that have been made available. However to access online learning we need digital devices like laptops, tablets etc. Please if you have any spare devices if you would consider donating to our children.

Data is also expensive and donations to assist our family to access the initiative put in place. Check 99tradesman.co.uk


Additional Lockdown Expenses

Under the Lockdown the children do not have access to the school feeding schemes. This means that the home has the additional burden of supplying 3 meals a day and supporting the local community. This puts an additional financial burden on the already stretched budget.

It is also cold and flu season so there have been additional medical expenses. 


December and January 2020 Gallery

December 2019

At the end of 2019 our children got to enjoy some fun in the park. Thanks to Trinity Presbyterian Church for sponsoring our Christmas Party

January 2020 - Back to School

Thanks to our generous sponsors we were able to send our children to school in new school uniforms and buy some stationary. 

Please consider becoming a donor to support our children’s education. 

Newsletter – September 2019

The home which is rented from Chemgrit in Jet park have renewed Ubuhle Bezwe’s lease for another 2 years. 

Barbara is constantly improving the living conditions, when funds permit. It now has 5 bedrooms, https://nudecamshd.com gay cam, extra toilets and a shower. There is approval for 25 children to live here, xxxx.tube and are fortunate to have the help of a voluntary Social Worker who is very proactive. Through her we hope to regularise he home and thereby obtain State Aid. This Is a very lengthy process. Some of the children do not have birth certificates, and trying to trace the parents of these children who have been abandoned is almost impossible. Check magic loan for details.

We continue to pay for the municipal services, and food every second month. Nashua Head Office supply on the alternate months.  Barbara has 2 helpers who are basically unpaid and just have a roof over their heads and get food. Barbara herself only gets R2000 per month which barely pays for her petrol. We now have continued help from the Edenvale Presbyterian Church, and have an Accountant who is trying to get the PBO certificate up to date.

Recently there was an attempt to steal Barbara’s husband’s car, which made us aware of the security at the home. There needs to be more protection and hoping to obtain funding for this sometime in the near future.

Our thanks to those people who contribute every month, which assists in budgeting monthly, but we urgently need more monthly commitments. Kindly open your hearts to this worthy cause.