Help make our orphanage a home

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Banking Details or Make a donation

Bank Name: First National Bank

Branch: Tembisa Plaza

Account Type: Saving

Account Name: Ubuhle Bezwe Remedial School

Account Number: 62446162612

Current Needs

  • To pay dedicated staff to assist in running in the home. Please consider a monthly donation
  • Industrial Washing machine – currently all washing is done by hand on a daily basis
  • Hot water system for showers and bathing. The current heating system is not adequate for everyone to have a hot shower or bath
  • Steel bunk beds (x18)
  •  Industrial stove/Oven
  • Money for renovations (currently underway)
  • Toiletries
  • Sanitary towels
  • School clothes and school supplies
  • Jobs and work opportunities for our school leavers
  • Like any home we are always in need of food (pap being a staple) and cleaning materials