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The home moved last year to new rented premises at Libya Street, Tembisa. These premises are “rented” from Chemgrit SA Pty Ltd at no charge, with the proviso that the home is used by 100% under privileged people.

We do not receive any government support, or child welfare assistance. We miss Alice Semenya, the volunteer Bookkeeper, who sadly died in December, and who wanted to make this her project for 2018. The home is really inadequate for so many children – 34, but I fear to receive government help they will insist on bigger premises, and a fully trained staff. Most of these children have lived there for 12 years and some were rescued off the street.

Our monthly support comes from Sasfin Bank, Nashua Head Office in Woodmead, Blacklight Employees, RBS Group, and Astor Berning. Other Companies support on a “once” off basis, and thanks to this we have extended the property, from a 2 bedroomed home with 1 bathroom, to adding additional bedrooms and 2 toilets.

Ubuhle Bezwe was established in 2000 as a non-profit non-governmental organization, with registration number as shown above. The director, Barbra Mthimkhulu identified children in her community suffering; Children with HIV/AIDS, children without parents, street children who were hungry & begging for food.

Barbra then took it upon herself to open her home and heart to the children in need and for that matter an initiative by providing a loving shelter.

In the space of 12 months, Barbra discovered 42 children who need permanent shelter. Currently the centre supports 75 children in Tembisa Community with food parcels, clothing and shelter. Children at the centre range from days old to 21 years. Most of these children were referred to the centre by Tembisa Crisis Centre and SAPS Children Protection Unit.

It is Barbra ethos to:

  • Provide basic Life Skills, develop self confidence and boost self esteem.
  • Emphasize the importance of education and develop learning skills.
  • Instill a high sense of moral values, highlighting the importance of mutual respect, courtesy and hospitality.
  • Promote youth awareness programs in and around Tembisa community.

In spite of the successes achieved so far, the centre is still battling with space to provide a more decent shelter for the children. The growing demand for food, clothing and transport to school all added to inadequate governmental support and assistance has made matters all the more difficult.

NPO no: 050148

PBO: 930046724

Contact Person: Barbra Mthimkhulu

Cell number: 072 578 6431/076 6444 105




Gauteng, despite being the economic hub of Southern Africa is also among the provinces in South Africa which have high number of teenage pregnancies, inadequate housing and sanitation, high infant mortality, and crime, HIV prevalence and rape is rife and sometimes a general sense of hopelessness is felt through the populace. One of the main causes behind the depicted scenario is the high rate of unemployment occasioned by the high rate of rural urban migration given the vantage position that Gauteng enjoys.

Statistics shows that these days everybody is a victim of rape irrespective of age, race, creed, religion, social status etc. Grannies, infants and toddlers get raped in equal measure hence a need to be proactive in developing initiatives that are geared towards protecting the most vulnerable lot in the society.



UBUHLE BEZWE CHILD CARE CENTRE was founded in 2002 by Barbara Mthimkhulu, providing services to less disadvantaged children day care services to senior citizens. Ubuhle Bezwe is situated in Tembisa, South Africa, Gauteng. Today the home is legally constituted in terms of NPO Act of 1997 to provide a home to abused, homeless, neglected, orphans and abandon children.

Barbara saw children in the community suffering and took it upon herself to create a home for these children and initiative by providing a living shelter. Within 12 months, she discovered 42 children. It is Barbara’s ethos to help the community, give the needy children love and make them realize their dreams and to keep the children safe. Ubuhle Bezwe only takes children from 0-18 years. However, we still have matriculated children who are still under Ubuhle Bezwe care. The total number of the children to date is 58.


For the past many years, Barbra Mthimkhulu, opened her very modes leased four rooms home to accommodate the homeless / orphaned / needy etc children who stay on full board. Other needy children and other persons were accommodated during the day due to limited resources and space. The centre operated from a very limited space hence most of the targeted group members were home based. Due to environmental and health regulations, the centre could only accommodate few children as far as Department of Environmental Development is concerned.

We referred kids to other centers and they also have the same accommodation problem, as a result we ended up restricting the numbers we can accommodate at the centre and consequently inevitably denied opportunities to many genuine vulnerable and needy poor kids to access the much needed help that we set out to provide due to space problem.

  1. Ubuhle Bezwe is about 10km away on average from local schools. Barbara, the founder of Ubuhle Bezwe is using her personal vehicle of her household daily errands to transport the young ones to and from school. We asked other needy children to walk to school at the moment due to limited resources; as a result we end up having rape cases and are unable to enforce discipline.(e.g time restrictions)
  2. Winter season brings a lot of cold for our children who walk to school, on heavy cold days.
  3. Summer season; 1 It rains in the morning sometimes when they have to leave the house. We either ask them to wear plastics and go, or wait until it stops (Risk: They arrive late at school), or call taxis which want R8.00 per child, however the plastics do not cover the bag packs well, and books get wet sometimes.
  4. Floods are also a challenge these days.
  5. The small vehicle we use constantly needs repairs due to over loads and,
  6. Other Sponsors’ often offer donations of different kinds in bulks, e.g bread, meal meal, groceries, office furniture, Cement, Paint, building maintenance materials, etc ….. , our vehicle is too small to carry them and we end up hiring a bakkie, which is not always available when we need it. The sponsors end up not taking us serious because we collect late.


After a lengthy shopping around and engaging in many fund raising projects for property, we managed to get a property which is a bargain and suitable to accommodate all our children. Sponsors and Donors are helping to buy the property, however the property need renovations and extension.

Please help us with one or two/any of the following:

  1. Bicycles for the kids to School. Toilets
  2. Laptops for the management and Printer. Ceiling
  3. Computer Room
  4. Kitchen Cupboards
  5. Industrial Stove
  6. Speed Queen Washing Machine
  7. Cementing, Painting, Paving.
  8. Security doors and Gate.
  9. Long base bakkie


Please feel free to visit our facilities anytime.

Yours Sincerely

………………………………….                                                                         ………………………………………………

N.B Mthimkhulu                                                          M.A Semenya

Founder                                                                       Secretary / Administrator


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Account Number:  62446162612

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