Feeding and caring for a family of 42 is expensive. We are grateful for anything, however big or small


Any donations are welcome either financially or as goods. Sponsorships for specific items or a monthly contribution would be great.


Having a birthday, a work function or a fun event.Consider contributing to our home


Consider spending some time with us.Either helping with the never-ending maintenance or assisting our children. Please contact us before arrival for the safety of our children

List of our general needs

Cereal, Polony, Cheese, Rice, Jam, Eggs, Sugar, Butter, Inkomazi, Cooking oil,Powder milk, Peanut butter, Tea and Coffee , Samp and Beans Concentrated juice, Fresh milk, Vegetables


Cleaning Material: Handy-Andy, Bleach, Dishwashing soap Air fresheners, Doom, Washing powder


Large plastic gloves , Heavy Duty Black Refuge Bags, First Aid supplies
Panado, Syrup tablets, Cough mixture

Our Children are our
greatest treasure

– Nelson Mandela

make donations

Tembisa Branch
Savings Account
# 62446162612
Account Holders:
Ubuhle Bezwe Remedial School

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Salaries for additional staff to help give the care the children deserve.

R5 000

for water and electricity bills

we would also like to appealfor solar panels to economise our electrical usage.

Support for house mothers 2x 50kg of Mielie Meal (pap) per month.

+- R15 000

on groceries

Maintenance of the property is an ongoing struggle. Help with materials and upgrades are always welcome